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Practice schedules. Competitive info. FAQ.

Sierra Climbing Team is based in Reno NV and is a part of the Northern California Competitive region. We are located in region 201 within USA Climbing guidelines. We encourgae all of our team members to compete in two USA Climbing local competitions each season. We also encourage our climbers to pursue competition in Regionals.

Current Training Schedule
  • Tuesdays 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

  • Thursdays 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

  • Saturdays 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

  • @ BaseCamp (2nd level of the Whitney Peak Hotel- 255 N. Virginia St, Reno)


Current Cost & Fees


Team Try-Outs

  • Try-out sessions are FREE!

    • Must sign-up for try-outs

  • Gym fees are not included​​

Monthly Team Dues

  • Climber $185/month

  • Sibling $135/month


Gym Memberships

Team members must have memberships at BaseCamp.

  • BaseCamp- $20/month


Our Mission Statement

Sierra Climbing Team trains dedicated young climbers using a holistic approach. We instill a lifelong love of climbing and a responsibility to the climbing community both within and beyond competition.

FAQ's & Information


What is Sierra Climbing Team's training philosophy?


If you're not having fun you're doing it wrong!


We believe in age-appropriate training. We want your climber to love climbing for their entire lifetime. We understand that age-appropriate training encourages the growing and developing climber.

What is competitive rock climbing?

Your climber will only compete against children in the same age category and gender. 


Local competitions are laid back and accessible for new climbers. Each climber has 2-4 hours to get to the top of 3-8 climbs. Then the climbs that were completed are scored with other climbers within their age group. Rules may slightly vary at each local competition. Participation in one Local Competition is needed to qualify for Regionals. The competitor must also place in the top 17 climbers in at least one Local Competition to proceed to Regionals - We enjoy the hustle and bustle of these competitions and encourage all of our team members to compete in two local competitions each season.


Divisional, Nationals, and World competitions- Climbers must qualify for these competitions based on their performance at prior competitions. Climbers must also become USAC members prior to competing in any competition to be eligible for Regionals, Divisionals, and Nationals.


USAC Membership Overview:

We ask all of our climbers to get a USA Climbing Memberships. Memberships are valid from September 1st through August 31st annually.  Memberships are only available online and include access to all USA Climbing sanctioned competitions.  Click the "Join or Support" button in the top left corner of the USA Climbing website or use the link below and become a USA Climbing member today! 


Climbers must be a USAC member prior to competing in any Local Competition in order to progress to Regionals, Divisionals, Nationals, and Worlds. 


USA Climbing Membership Information


Each climber 17 years of age and older MUST undergo SafeSport training in order to compete in any USAC competition. The course is free for athletes and can be taken online:

Competitor Membership - $105

Provides access to every level of competition. Competitors wishing to compete at Championship level competitions must meet all other eligibility requirements for the specific competition(s). 

Introductory Membership - $30

For athletes interested in participating in introductory USAC sanctioned climbing competitions. I.e. climbers with an introductory membership will not be able to compete in championships competitions such as Regionals, Divisionals, and Nationals. This is a great option for the beginning climber!


What are the Climbing Categories?  

USA Climbing Youth Categories for Sep 2020 through Aug 2021

Birth Year        Age Category

2010 or later        Youth D

2008 or 2009       Youth C

2006 or 2007       Youth B

2004 or 2005       Youth A

2002 or 2003        Junior

What are the disciplines of competitive climbing?


    2020-2021 USA Climbing Competitive Seasons has three different disciplines:

  • USAC American Bouldering Series (ABS) runs through the months of September to February with 4-6 local competitions, a regional championship, a divisional championship, and a national championship. These competitions are held on short bouldering walls and moves tend to be more powerful and dynamic.

  • USAC Sport Climbing Series (SCS) runs through the months of February to July with 4-6 local competitions, a regional championship, a divisional championship, and a national championship. These competitions are on larger climbing walls where a rope is mandatory, and endurance is very necessary to advance.

  • USAC Speed Climbing Series runs at the same time as Sport Climbing Series. The wall and route are standardized worldwide and are timed.


   All three of these disciplines will be included in the 2021 Olympics!

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